Unlock Productivity With Better Communication

Emotional Competence Social Competence Personal Competance - Unlocking Productivity with Better Communication


Participants walk away from our training sessions with the skills, knowledge and confidence to implement new communication strategies with powerful results. Some of our training solutions include:

  • Verbal Aikido
  • Power of Ethical Persuasion
  • Enlightened Coach
  • Leadership EQ
  • PowerPresenter

We deliver customized coaching and consulting solutions to address the challenges limiting or hindering our clients? success. Coaching solutions include personal coaching for you and your team and access to iCoach online coaches, tools and resources.

Simply tell us "what you want" or "where it hurts"; we can help.

Whether your organization requires a "wake-up call", an "adrenaline-rush" or a "very good laugh", we deliver.

Some of our more popular keynote topics include:

  • Pure Ambition
  • Presenting Beyond PowerPoint
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)
  • The Ethical Art of Selling

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